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* DPI School Accountability Report Cards

* Official Third Friday of September Enrollment Figures

By School and Grade2013-20142012-20132011-20122010-20112009-2010 2008-20092007-20082006-2007
By Ethnicity/Race2013-20142012-20132011-20122010-20112009-20102008-20092007-20082006-2007
By Low Income2013-20142012-20132011-20122010-20112009-20102008-20092007-20082006-2007
By Special Education Status2013-20142012-20132011-20122010-20112009-20102008-20092007-20082006-2007
By English Language Learner Status2013-20142012-20132011-20122010-20112009-20102008-20092007-20082006-2007
Four-Year-Old Kindergarten (4K)2013-20142012-20132011-2012     

The third Friday of September is when MMSD schools take an official enrollment count. The links above show these official counts disaggregated by a number of demographic characteristics. Classification of English Language Learners changed in 2013-14, so ELL data from prior years is not comparable to data from 2013-14 forward.

Enrollments for Previous Years

* Enrollment Projections

Every fall, Research & Program Evaluation staff project enrollments for the next five years based on births, enrollment trends, and new developments in MMSD. Click here to download the Fall 2013 Enrollment Reports, which include five-year enrollment projections.

* Mobility Data

There are many ways to look at student mobility, including examining how students move from school to school during the academic year. The file below shows historical mid-year exit and arrival data for MMSD.

Historical Mobility 2007-08 through 2011-12 [PDF File]

* Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction - WINSS

The Wisconsin Information Network for Successful Schools (WINSS) website includes historical information on Wisconsin's public schools at the state, district, and school level.